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Two-way radio
Two-way radio description

Our Two way radios were categorized from Basic, Mid range and High end range. Two way radios are available in half-duplex that can transmit one at a time. We have specific frequencies to be programmed into the radios for a given business by a specific frequency allocation. In some cases, the data in communication over two-way radios can be analog or digital. Our two-way radio has an excellent way to maintain communication and that it will keep the business operating efficiently. With a simple push of “Push-To-Talk” button you can connect with your family and your friends with maximum talk time. Our designed product has a looks more professional and rugged and these are often used in outdoor activities like camping trip, hiking as well as in family activities.Plus, featured with NOAA Weather alert, LED flashlight, floating and waterproof. It comes with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or Li-Ion battery pack. It also works with corresponding size Alkaline batteries so you have options to ensure there is a power for your two-way radio wherever you are when it needs them.

Mid Range
High End Range